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Sean Lee

Born: 22.07.1986
From: Pittsburgh, USA

Sean Lee is a professional football linebacker with the Dallas Cowboys and a proud member of Team BioSteel.

Sean has always been a well-rounded athlete. Finishing his high school education at Upper St. Clair High School in Pennsylvania as a highly successful basketball point guard and a football safety with an 11-1 season record, it was clear that Sean belonged in the field of sport. From there, a career in college sports was inevitable for Sean and he committed to play football at Penn State.

As a junior in college, Sean was appointed to the All 2nd Team Top 10 and nominated by his teammates as captain. Throughout his career he was nominated as the Big 10 Defensive Player of the week twice. In 2007, he was the Alamo Bowl Defensive MVP. The following season, despite having succumbed to an injury, Sean’s teammates nominated him a second time as Team Captain.

In 2010, Sean Lee was drafted by the Dallas Cowboys to the National Football League. In December of 2010, Sean earned his first NFC Player of the Week honours when he recorded two interceptions vs. Peyton Manning and the Colts. One that lead to a touchdown and another in overtime that lead to a game winning field goal. In 2011 Sean became the first Dallas Cowboy to ever be named NFC Defensive Player of the Month. During the 2012 Season, Sean tied a 41 year old franchise record with an astounding 14 tackles in one game. He also became the second player to ever intercept both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning. In 2013 and 2015 Sean once again earned NFC Player of the Month honours.

Sean Lee spends more time memorizing game tape and preparing to play than any player in the NFL. His obsession with preparedness lead him to BioSteel’s line of nutritional products. Sean consumes our Sports Mix prior to and during his games and counts on our Recovery Protein to get him back to training after every game.

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